Winston Dillard Drivers Union

A United Effort to Keep Kids Safe

About School Bus Drivers in the Winston Dillard Oregon

OSEA Chapter 205 

Why would anybody ever want to be a School Bus Driver? The pay is barely above minimum wage, there are no benefits, you have to work a split shift and more than likely you are dealing with screaming children from time to time.

Well it's actually far worse than that, tongue in cheek, but to focus on the positive side, there are priceless rewards for helping a young person grow up to be a responsible adult. In this day and age our students need all the help they can get. Most of our School Buses are 34 to 39 feet long and it takes a certain amount of skill to navigate this vehicle through the streets of our city. The reality is this is a piece of cake compared to what happens when you put as many as 72 or even 84 students on the bus with your back turned to them. Now try to maintain a safe environment, that's not difficult, it's a miracle than any single person can achieve that, ever, not just in a single day, but day after day for an entire school year! The drivers need and deserve your help whenever possible to keep these kids safe.

But what about the drivers, who are they? It may surprise many to learn about the drivers that belly up to this incredulous task. It may be important or at least interesting to help the parents understand that so many of us are parents ourselves and did not fathom the difficulties and responsibility that goes along with this job. Our drivers here are comprised of individuals who used to work as Police Officers, Lumber Workers and even IT Professionals. Some have unusual situations that have them involved in what is in a true sense is a Community Involvement Project of moving kids around safely. Some of our drivers are actually career minded and have worked doing this for over twenty years. Whatever the reasons are we are all there trying to keep your child safe going to and from school or school activities.