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A United Effort to Keep Kids Safe

What Schools are doing to help

Bus Buses and Cheetah Pride Tokens is currently a program in place to reward students for good behavior on the bus. This program has good behavior rewarded by the bus driver giving out these tokens. At Brockway Elementry the winning students of the bus get ice cream with the principal as well as the bus driver. This is an ideal environment for the drivers to interact with the students while not having to deal with the extreme responsibilities of driving the school bus.

Schools are well aware of discipline problems that are occurring and have a Discipline Procedure in place to help maintain a safe environment on the bus. This was last Revised/Reviewed: 11/16/05; 4/20/11. The entire documentation may be reviewed on the Oregon School Board Association web site by clicking here. 


Brockway Elementary School Discipline Procedures for School Bus are on page 39 of the Student Handbook and may be viewed by clicking here.

McGovern Elementary School Information was not available at the time of this update, but are considered similar.


  • Is there an appeal process? Yes there is, it is included in the full policy documentation from the Oregon School Boards Association.
  • Are the parents notified before the first citation? Not always, it depends on the severity of the situation.
  • Is this procedure being adhered to? No, it is not yet a consistent process, but explained as a "guideline".