Winston Dillard Drivers Union

A United Effort to Keep Kids Safe

Problems with other students

Of course there are times when other students create problems that the driver can not control and is unaware of, then what does a parent do? This can be difficult, but if we are all diligent we hope to squelch those problems before anyone gets truly injured.

  • Bullying Bullying is not allowed on the bus whatsoever and when a student is observed to be bullying another student, that student is written up by the driver immediately following the route for consequences that are enforced by the school. This is very difficult for the driver to monitor for two reasons. First of all, the drivers focus must be "to drive" and can not watch what is going on with as many as 84 students at one time. The added difficulty is that the newer buses which comprises most of First Students Fleet, has high backed seats that does not allow the driver to see the students well or at all in most cases. DO KEEP IN MIND however there are at least 2 cameras on board that include audio and are running at all times that can be reviewed in order to discover and rectify bullying and other dangerous behavior.
  • Boisterous Behavior Boisterous behavior is most likely the most dangerous behavior on the bus as it has the potential of distracting the driver at just the wrong time. Again, distractions are the number one cause of accidents and need to be at least minimized to maintain a safe environment. It is also important to note that some students are boisterous by nature and not necessarily being deliberately dangerous, but they do need to learn to control their enthusiasm while being on the bus.
  • Video Cameras As a parent, you may wish to engage the School and / or First Student with a particular problem knowing that these cameras are always rolling. It is actually more likely for the video to be reviewed from a parental complaint than from a drivers request.