Winston Dillard Drivers Union

A United Effort to Keep Kids Safe

Problems with Drivers

It has happened on occasion that a parent is not seeing eye to eye with a School Bus Driver for any number of reasons and with certainty this will persist for eternity. It is perspective as the parents most precious person is being entrusted to the driver to get to and from the school safely. It is from the drivers perspective that all of the children get to and from the school safely. So what could be so wrong with this that the same view has two different frames of thought? It is the difference in one and all that is the culprit.

If you are having a problem with a School Bus Driver, then yes report it, but confronting a school bus driver during his or her route is never a good idea. There is nothing good that can come from doing so and it sends the wrong message to your child since you are entrusting this person with the safety of your child while denigrating him or her at the same time.

If you are having a problem contact either First Student or the Winston Dillard School District with your complaint.