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A United Effort to Keep Kids Safe

What Can Parents Do to Help with Safety on the School Bus?

What parents can do to help is of course limited as they can't be there on the bus with their most precious cargo, but they can in fact help. And help they can because of course they are the most important people to the student. At the beginning of the school year rules are presented to the children on the School Bus by the drivers and reviewed by the school staff as well. But do keep in mind, these are some very young students and their attention span is very short, so we need to review some of these rules regularly to maintain a safe environment on the bus.

These are the rules that are globally posted on all of our buses:

  1. Students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver.
  2. Fighting, wrestling or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus.
  3. Students shall use the emergency door only in the case of emergency.
  4. Students shall be on time for the bus both in the morning and the afternoon.
  5. Students shall not bring weapons on the bus.
  6. Students shall not bring animals on the bus.
  7. Students shall remain seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  8. Students may be assigned seats by bus driver.
  9. When necessary to cross road, students shall cross in front of the bus or as instructed by the bus driver.
  10. Students shall not extend their hands, arms or heads through bus windows.
  11. Students shall have written permission to leave the bus other than at home or school.
  12. Students will converse in quiet tones or in some cases no talking at all in order to maintain a calm environment.  Loud or vulgar language is Not Allowed.
  13. Students shall not open or close windows without permission from driver.
  14. Students shall keep bus clean, which includes no eating or drinking on bus. All food & drink items must be completely sealed and packed within your back pack or lunch pail. No glass is allowed on the bus.
  15. Students shall be courteous to the driver, to fellow students and passers-by.
  16. Students who refuse to obey directions from driver may lose their privilege to ride the bus.

Review these rules regularly with your student and remind them that it is not OK to misbehave because some other student is doing so.

The most important are to keep the noise level down and remember the main purpose of the bus driver is to drive and to drive safely. Distractions from screaming and other boisterous behavior can cause an accident.